Les Miles and LSU Football

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When Les Miles was named head football coach at Louisiana State University on January 2, 2005, the region was hit by Hurricane Katrina. The first game Les Miles had scheduled was postponed, and his second home game was moved to a later date. Because of Hurricane Katrina, LSU had to move its conference opener against Tennessee to a later date. This resulted in a slew of postponements, including Les Miles’ season opener against Tennessee.

Les Miles

Les Miles is an American football coach. He most recently served as the head coach of Kansas. Miles began his coaching career with the Oklahoma State Cowboys, where he coached from 2001 to 2004. He then went on to coach the LSU Tigers from 2005 to 2016. He is currently the head coach of Kansas. His coaching career spans over two decades. He has won a total of four BCS national championships. Les Miles has a vast list of awards, including several college football MVPs.

The LSU Tigers coach is married with four children, including two sons. ESPN has praised Miles’ balance as a Christian. His ‘Les Clap’ hand gesture is so famous, that LSU Lady Tigers gymnast Lloimincia Hall incorporated it into her routine. He also recently appeared in the “Keep It Interessant” Dos Equis campaign. He has won the NCAA Division I, BCS, and AAC titles.

Les Miles’s unorthodox play calls

Fans are familiar with Les Miles’s gutsy play calls and wacky press conferences. One example was his profane rant after LSU’s win over Ole Miss in 2012. Miles defended the contributions of his senior class in a spirited press conference. Fans criticized Miles for his play calling, but it was ultimately the game-winning field goal that saved LSU.

While many would call Miles’s play calling unorthodox, LSU has a history of success under his direction. After crushing losses to Arkansas and Kentucky last year, the Tigers rebounded to finish last. Despite the risk, LSU has consistently converted on fourth downs, converting on eighty-one percent of the time. Opponents only converted on 29 percent of fourth downs, so the coaches at LSU have had some success.

Unlike many college football coaches, Miles is also a strong Christian. ESPN has praised his balance as a head coach. He also has four children. LSU gymnast Lloimincia Hall has even incorporated the ‘Les Clap’ hand gesture into her routine. In the year 2000, Les Miles was featured in a Dos Equis ad campaign titled ‘Keep It Interessant’. Miles’s sons, Ben and Manny, played for the Kansas football program.

Hurricane Katrina

If you have lived in New Orleans or the surrounding area for any length of time, you are no doubt aware of the damage Hurricane Katrina caused. While it is difficult to imagine how much money it cost to rebuild New Orleans, the recovery effort has helped many. More than $14.6 billion was spent on Hurricane Katrina defenses and more are planned for the future. Still, despite the recent improvements, the city remains vulnerable to large storms.

The city of New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, with its levees failing in more than 50 locations. While the storm’s winds caused significant damage to the city, levee failures and a massive flooding problem in the Lower Ninth Ward made the disaster worse. Although a Category 3 hurricane could still wreak havoc, it was the unprepared levees that caused the most destruction.

LSU’s lack of a dynamic player

Many fans have been disappointed in LSU’s lack of a dynamic offensive player. While their running backs have been a solid source of yards, there have been several instances this season where a playmaking receiver stepped up to make a big play. The lack of a dynamic player, however, is not entirely to blame. Florida has produced several talented running backs, including the surprisingly explosive Lamical Perine. In three games, Perine racked up 65 yards and scored a touchdown on a short catch.

The Tigers’ recruiting class features several high-profile players that will add immediate offense to LSU’s rotation. Ben Simmons, a 6’9”, 225-pound small forward from Melbourne, is considered one of the top high school prospects in the country and is expected to be a top-five pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. Antonio Blakeney, a 6’4”, 170-pound shooting guard from Orlando, will be in the McDonald’s All-American game.

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